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The technology behind the products of SwedeSafe could be adjusted to solve most of the cases where there is a need for a tempered surface. Get in touch with us for a discussion about your problems.

Application areas
Ground plates:
Entrances, nursing homes, bus stops, alighting or boarding areas.
Ground plates with symbols:
For people with defective vision.
Access ramps for disabled:
Covering for wheelchair ramps.
Industrial ground surfaces:
For storing areas where material sensitive to frost are to be kept, e.g. construction sites, storage tents with no other heating.
Stair treads, prefabricated stairs.
Ships deck:
Trade vessels (working ships), fishing boats, military vessels, handicap adaptation of passenger boats, security areas on deck.
Tram stop installation of 6 ground plates, each 1 m2, having an integrated heating function. Part of the surface is adjusted for people with defective vision.
Wheelchair ramp at a nursing home. The surface is colour adjusted to the environment.


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