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SwedeSafe AB is a marketing company selling products and system solutions with the purpose of keeping various surfaces free from snow or ice in order to increase the safety.
Our systems are also used to temper surfaces needing to be kept frost proof.
SwedeSafe AB offers an alternative to the present solutions e.g. high temperature hot water piping or heating cable. Our solution will rapidly and in an energy-saving way keep the surface at a temperature that will prevent snow and ice to form. An individual temperature controller for each unit in the installation, offers the user optimal performance. The system uses only the energy needed at the actual moment.
SwedeSafe AB offers a cost effective way to avoid problems with snow and ice.
Our ambition is to keep our products available on markets where they are needed.
SwedeSafe shall be a well known trademark in all markets.

As we all know there are problems with snow and ice during the wintertime.
Because of this, there are unfortunately also a lot of personal accidents and operations disturbances. This means a lot of suffering and loss of money for people involved in accidents related to ice and snow. The statistics show that exceptionally hazardous places are entrances, stairs, sloping areas, alighting or boarding areas for busses, trains and trams.
The community spends lots of money trying to increase the accessibility to the public environment.
There are several material and equipment in the general surroundings that can stop functioning when exposed to snow and ice.
Even if the scientists says that we are on our way towards a warmer climate at our latitudes, we must live with today’s problems and try to find solutions that can make our lives easier.
Sincerely Yours

Lars Ohlsson CEO
SwedeSafe Marketing AB